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what is coding used for

One thing that a lot of people seem to be interested in these days has to do with training their brains so that they can make sure that they have achieved their full potential when it comes to things like intelligence. While it is true that intelligence can often be subjective, the fact of the matter is that there are a few standard metrics that you can use which are rather objective and by honing these particular aspects of cognition and intelligence you can take your brain power to a place where it might never have been able to go before.

If you are thinking about trying to become smarter by training your brain, it is highly recommended that you take up coding. Coding is not just about tech and computers, it is a way for you to incorporate creative thinking and problem solving into your daily routine along with enabling you to get a lot more out of the kind of work that you might be doing at that specific point in time. Once you start coding on a regular basis by checking out life of coding you would realize that you are smarter in a lot of ways and your day to day routine would become easier for you due to the increased brain power that you would now be able to rely on.

This is one skill that can hone your brain to make it amazing for a lot of other uses outside of the world of tech as well. Think of it like learning a language. Even if you never use the language, trying to learn it would force your brain to adapt and change itself which can be a great aspect of training it.

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