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jimmy john's history

Jimmy John’s is one of the biggest franchise networks in the United States they are better known for their sandwiches and fast delivery. They are now challenging some of the biggest food giants in their category as well. Their brand reputation revolves around fresh ingredients, a simple menu and fast delivery. They hand you over the sandwich within 30 seconds of ordering.

Jimmy John’s sounds like the perfect choice to have a quick lunch, and a quality one as well made from freshly baked bread and meat produced in the US. But there is always something you do not know about businesses like these. Here are some untold truths about jimmy john’s that you must know.

It Was Planned To Be a Hot Dog Stand

Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy john’s originally planned to made it into a hot dog stand. But he did not have enough money since he was freshly out of his high school. His father had given him $25,000 without which this all would have been impossible.

His father gave him 1 year time to start a successful business, or suggested to join the army. In exchange of the capital that his father gave him, he got a 48% share of his business. Jimmy bought out his father in two years after starting the business.

They Got in Trouble Over a Clause

In 2016, jimmy john’s found themselves found themselves in court over a clause that they made their workers sight when they joined their business. The clause mentioned that they workers would not be able to work in any other restaurant with 3 miles of a jimmy john’s, and this would continue even after up to two years if them leaving JJ’s.

They had to drop that clause, and give $100,000 to a program made for awareness about non-compete agreements.

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