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It can be really disappointing and heartbreaking to know that one of your lived ones is the victim of nursing home abuse or negligence. Unfortunately, the elderly people might not even know that they are being abused, and they might not be able to file a claim against the nursing home and defend it.

Usually, adult members of the family are required to file a nursing home abuse claim on behalf of their elderly relatives. For this, you can hire a nursing home abuse attorney to help you with the claim and get the right amount of compensation from the nursing home.

Of you’re thinking of hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer Bergen County, then this is what you should expect from them right after filing the claim.

Investigate The Claim Thoroughly

It is usual for the defendant (The nursing home) to deny doing anyone wrong with the elderly person staying at their nursing home. If this happens, you will have to prove that the nursing home is actually liable in this case in order to receive the compensation you asked for in the claim.

You can hire an attorney for this task, and they will start investigating the claim right away to gather important information and evidence that can help win you the claim. They might interview the witnesses, former employees, review the medical records, and do proper legal research to help make your case as strong as possible.

Negotiating With The Nursing Home

Once all the investigation is done, your attorney will help you in filing a nursing home abuse claim and request the nursing home for a reasonable compensation tk cover all uour medical expenses. They will send the nursing home a demand letter explaining why they are liable for this case, and why they should pay the elderly person. If this negotiation is successful, the nursing home will pay the price, otherwise, the case will be taken to the court.

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