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IMEI is a code that consists of a series of numbers that can help you in gaining information about your helps extract information about the previous carrier, whether it is blacklisted or not, the warranty history and more. With the help of expert unlocking service providers, you can get your phone whitelisted on the Apple database and the network database.

You will be getting an email, after which you have to use iTunes to get rid of the SIM lock. On the latest iPhones, this process is way simpler; you need to connect the Wi-Fi and get an over the air update that can remove the iOS lock on your iPhone.

This is a fast and cost effective way, which ensures that your phone does not get locked ever again. You may use the same SIM as before, but are now able to use other ones as well.  If you upgrade your iPhone’s iOS version now or factory reset it, the device will still be unlocked.

Although unlocking the phone sounds like a very hard task, it can actually be done by you yourself too. You factory unlock your phone with the help of the IMEI method. IMEI is an abbreviation for the term, International Mobile Equipment Identity, with which Apple keeps a record of the unlocked and locked phones.

However, if you feel like doing this yourself is risky, then you can easily find a good cellphone unlocking service provider online, or in the market. They will assist you with their knowledge.

There are a lot of unlock services available now, which makes the life of an Apple user easier. Some of them are inexpensive as well and protect tier client’s privacy. An example of a good unlock service provider is Canada Unlocking.

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