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Despite the fact that they became obsolete so many years ago, polaroid cameras still have a certain charm to them. Their ability to instantly provide a hard copy of a picture was convenient and fascinating at the same time. If you go online, you will see that there are still plenty of people who are willing to buy polaroid cameras. The biggest reason why polaroid cameras still have not died out is that we never got a proper replacement for them. Cameras kept on improving their image capturing capabilities. Modern cameras are loaded with a plethora of features. But none of them have the ability to produce a hard copy of an image on the spot.

This is where pocket sized printers are beginning to shine. Pocket size printers using a special type of paper (Zink Paper) are now finally beginning to fill this gap. These printers can be connected to your cameras and smartphones wirelessly. After they have established a connection, they can print pretty much any picture that you have on your device. Sure, we still do not have an all-in-one device that takes pictures and prints them on paper on the spot, but pocket-sized printers are the next best thing. And their print quality is way better than what polaroid cameras were capable of.

If you go into the market, you will notice that there are already a ton of pocket-sized printers out there. If you really want to get that polaroid feel, you need to get a printer that uses Zink Paper. That will help you recreate the feel of a polaroid photo as accurately as possible. You can find out more about pocket sized printers at this website With the right pocket sized printer, you can enjoy the polaroid experience while sticking to modern technology.

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