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what makes a healthy relationship

Relationship is a rollercoaster ride they say and that is absolutely spot on as the relationship goes through its phases, there are times when things are smooth and easy while there would difficult period where it never be only rainbows and butterflies, that is exactly the time where both the parties would have to sort of carry the relationship, being selfish in that period would kill the relationship dead and only those relationships which are based on love, respect and honesty would survive such periods, right at the start of the relationship you need to realize that it will not always be this beautiful and ask yourself whether it is worth taking that step because it is a given that it will go through it tough period and you would surely face some difficulties carrying the relationship.

The first stage is usually smooth as everything is really romantic and both are willing to sacrifice and invest time in each other and as time goes on reality checks in and this is where the difficult period start and both the parties have to hang in and get through it, commitment and honesty is being tested during this period and only those who pass through this difficult test are able to get into the next phase which is starting a family, and not all relationships get to this stage and ironically more relationships than ever never get to this stage now and there are several reasons behind it, the world we live in today and the excessive focus on social media is another huge reason why this happens, if you want to learn about what to expect from your relationship and what is the next stage of your relationship and how you can pass through it then you can read this helpful article.

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