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No, we do not mean your new year’s resolutions. We are talking about our image resolutions. It is surprising how plenty of people still get confused when it comes to image resolutions. What are they and why are they so important? The easiest way to describe image resolution is the size of the image when it is opened; the number of pixels that it takes up when it is opened. The larger an image is, the higher resolution it will have. And a higher resolution means more detail and quality.

Image resolution becomes really important when you are using images in designing. In fact, it is important even if you want to post a picture on your social media. There are a handful of ways to tell an image’s resolution. The simplest is to simply look at a picture and check its clarity. If an image becomes blurry the moment you open it, it has a low resolution. You can save an image on your device and then check its properties to determine its exact resolution as well.

Generally speaking, higher resolutions are always better. This is because you can always downscale a high-resolution image. But a low-resolution image cannot be upscaled. How do you make sure that your pictures have a high-resolution? It depends on how are you exactly getting that picture. If you are taking it with a camera, make sure that the camera is set to take high res images. If you are downloading an image from somewhere, make sure to check its size before you press download.

Determining the resolution of an image is really straightforward. Most of the times, you will be able to tell the quality of the image without any trouble. You can find image resolution explained very well here.

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