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The role that human body hormones play in fertility is of such great importance that it can never be undermined under any circumstances. Majority of the infertility issues arise due to either inhibited production or lack of release of these hormones from their respective glands, all of which have distinct role in both the regularization of menstrual cycle and preparation of the body for pregnancy.

What is Infertility

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after a year of trying. Since the entire process of pregnancy requires different hormones to play their part, it is understood that the difficulty to conceive is due to the irregularities in the hormone level.In many cases, once the levels of these hormones are brought to normal, it is possible for a female to ovulate. This ovulation can be determined by a number of methods such as cervical mucus and determining the basal temperature. However, in the case of the latter, it is important to check out the best basal thermometers to get the best results.

Follicle-Stimulating Hormone

This is the hormone that regulates both the menstrual cycle and egg production and its level determine the ovarian function and egg quality. Elevated levels of FSH in women can decrease their chances to conceive.


Estrogen works similar to FSH as it controls the menstrual cycle and the quality of eggs and while the test for its level might not be an accurate measure of infertility, elevated level do signify a decrease chance to get pregnant.

Luteinizing Hormone

LH; released by the pituitary gland is responsible for triggering the release of egg from the ovary and the release of progesterone – the hormone that prepares the uterus to nurture the release egg post fertilization.


This hormone is produced immediately after ovaries post ovulation and it prepares the uterine lining for the fertilized egg.

Reasons For Female Infertility

25% of infertility issues exist due to lack or no ovulation which is disrupted from abnormal levels of various hormones such as Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (from hypothalamus), LH and FSH (from pituitary gland). These release of these hormones is due to damage to the related glands, too much exercise and stress.

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