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You want to spice up your conversation by adding emoji and GIFS and stickers and conventional SMS does not allow you to do so. But then there’s always a chance to turn towards iMessages to take texting to another level and you wonder how hard would it be to set it up.

Well the answer is, it’s not at hard at all.

All an iPhone or iOS user needs to do in order to set up iMessages on the device is to go to settings, then messages and turn on iMessages and believe it or not, they’re done.

Once iMessages are turned, the phone switches to it if the recipient is an iPhone or Apple device user and there is proper internet connection. On the other hand, if there is not internet connection or the other person is not an Apple device user, then the message is sent as a regular SMS.

Connecting iMessages to Apple ID

It is important to know that iMessages cannot be used until the user is connected to an Apple ID account and they need to sign in prior to using the message service.

Just like setting up iMessages, connecting to Apple ID is not that hard and all a person needs to do is to go to settings and sign in from the option on the top of the page. While this method is strictly limited to Apple decides only, for individuals using window PC, there are certain ways to use iMessage for Windows 10 and other versions as well.

Setting up iMessages in Absence of a Phone Number

Since iMessages require efficient Internet connection, it can be set up even without a phone number. Furthermore, it is not only accessible on iPhone but Apple users can also use iMessages on their iPads and Macbooks as well.

To use iMessages without a phone number, it is important to add all the relevant email addresses at Apple ID and then everyone who owns the person’s email can contact them on iMessage.

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