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Vehicle is one of the biggest investments of any individual, that is why the carport should be durable enough to keep your car secure no matter what the weather conditions might be.

Although there are lots of suppliers and carport building companies in the market right now. The act of choosing the right carport material and structure still remains a hassle. To help you a but in this regard, we’ve compiled a list of different carport structures that you can choose from. Many of the carports Adelaide built by Homestyle come in a variety of designs and types. However, there are other types mentioned below too.

Prefabricated Metal Canopies

These are the best option for the homeowners who are looking to complete the process as soon as possible while still getting the quality materials.

This structure is made with steel, and is comes mostly assembled already. All you have to do is take some time and fit the roof on top of it. So, this can be installed without the help of any carport company.

Party Tent Carport

As the name already suggests, this carport is literally a party tent. The only difference is that it is big enough to house your car inside. Lightweight poles are used in it’s making.

Although these tents do their part pretty well, they are often unstable and no good for use in a fixed location.

Aluminum Carports

Out of all the materials that can be used to build the carports, aluminum is probably the best choice. Aluminum carports are perfectly lightweight, but they still are as sturdy as any other heavier metal. Being lightweight adds to the ease of installation and save you money too.

Extension Garage

Extension garages are also a great option, but it is usually availed by those who’re looking to make the carport a permanent part of their property. Concrete is used in it’s making to make it strong enough to withstand storms.

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