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should i get a lawyer for a car accident that was my fault

Lawyers usually work on either hourly rates or fixed fees for cases they take. However, in some cases like personal injury, lawyers usually work on contingency bases. That means they only charge you for their service if you get the compensation you claimed for. But you can not agree on giving a crazy percentage of your money to the attorney, can you? So, here is how you can negotiate the contingency fees with personal injury lawyers in Chicago IL.

Determining The Liability

Liability means that someone is legally responsible for something. Being liable means that someone is at fault according to law.

Every lawyer considers the difficulty of proving the liability of other party before taking on your case. When working on contingency, lawyers are always careful, and they consider the power of your case before taking it.

If you have a strong case with higher chances of success, then a lawyer might agree on a small fee (since he will have to do less work). On the other hand, in the cases in which proving liability of other party will require more effort, your lawyer will ask for more fees.

If they think that you will get a lower amount of money as compensation, they might turn down your case as it might not be worth their time and effort.

The Amount of Damages

Damages in a case means the loss of property, wages and all the medical fees that you have to pay for due to the other party.

In the cases with high amount of damages, you lawyer might agree on a lower percentage as the overall amount will be greater. However, if an certain fee is decided before starting the case, it is up to the lawyer to decrease the fees if you get a lower than expected compensation.

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