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How Digital Photography Has Made Us Lazy

Digitization and technological advancement have made things a lot easier for us. Things have gotten a lot more comfortable, quicker and more convenient in every aspect of our lives. Now, one of the biggest downfalls of technological advancement is that it has made us lazy. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing solely on the photography aspect of it.

Digital cameras today can help a novice take a few semi-decent and even professional shots after a first few takes. This is because the camera literally does everything for us. The camera lens will automatically adjust itself according to the light, balance out the level of exposure, and even help set gridlines so that you do not have to tinker with getting the right angle in your shot either. All of this has done nothing but lead to quick photos and very lazy photographers.

This is why it is important for every person who is actually considering a career in professional photography to start off from the basics, and that is to start with analog cameras and film photography before they can move onto digital photography. This is because analog and film photography requires that you put in a lot of work and preparation from your own end before you make your decision. This means that you have to manually adjust your lens and work on your focus and exposure, you find the right angle, and you have to make sure that you get the best possible shots you have because you will only have a limited film to work with. So, by mastering film and analog photography, your work on digital camera will automatically come out better as well because you will still try to adjust the camera yourself as opposed to letting the camera do all of the work for you.

Everything a Photographer Needs to Know to Get The Perfect Wedding Shot

Being a wedding photographer is a really hectic job unless the person knows what they should and shouldn’t do. Such preventive measures helps the professional to get the perfect shot and to maintain their portfolio at its best.

The Do’s That You Should Follow

A wedding portrait is not complete if it doesn’t render complete justice to the bride’s dress. It is therefore important as a photographer to expose the bridal gown precisely. This is usually done by using exposure slightly over than the recommended exposure of the camera to accentuate the whiteness of the gown. However, attention is also kept on the color of groom’s dress in order to retain the perfection of the picture.

It also turns out to be beneficial if a photographer to hire an attendant once they get a contract for a wedding shoot. Furthermore, it is important to divide the job between two different individuals if the party has asked for a photographer and a videographer to avoid any ambiguity.

As a photographer, it is also crucial to meet the couple prior to their big day and to discuss with them, the kind of photographs they want. In this way, there’s no confusion at the end of the day and the man behind the lens knows how the couple wants their session to be shot.

Lastly, it is of great help if the wedding photographer Okanagan has already been working in a particular state for a significant time, for instance those specialising in wedding photography Okanagan know most of the venues beforehand which is beneficial as they know the equipment they need to carry on the final day and also the potential locations which ultimately saves time.

The Don’ts One Shouldn’t Follow

It is advisable for a photographer not to say yes to an event they don’t find themselves confident about. This little realistic approach is important to prevent any incident on the last day which can ultimately cost the person their reputation.

In addition, it should not be assumed to be the photographer that they have the liability to use church whenever and wherever they want as most of churches prohibit the use of flash.

A photographer shouldn’t focus on the couple and their close acquaintances but should continue to explore to get a worthy, unintended shot which contributes greatly to their portfolio.

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