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The latest version of Grand theft Auto 5, which has been developed by Rockstar has been released on phones. The game has been developed in a way that players are able to enjoy a new type of ride while playing. For gta 5 free download is available on the Play store and App store, which means everyone, can play it. Without having to spend money or having a gaming device like an Xbox or a PlayStation, you can enjoy the game.

The mobile version of the game does not require too much space, so the phone will not lag the game at all, that is, unless you have no storage in the phone. You should have at least 4GB available, so that the game can function properly. There are many unique features in the game like you can receive or call a character from the game. The lines are pre-scripted, but this makes the player feel even more engaged.

You can text different characters too, at any time, in any place. Even if you are away from home, you can keep playing whenever you have free time. For certain types of missions, you get the option of being a little more practical. This means, you might get a mission of taking a picture of a certain object, which will make things more fun and interesting.

The game also lets different players to enter the same game world. Moreover, you get all the weapons with their ammos, which makes the situation a little more easier to handle.

After going through the added benefits of playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on your phone, it will seem even more attractive and interesting. Although the game might have some drawbacks, it is still worth the time and effort, as it gives you a unique experience.

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